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Focus on What You Want and Quit Complaining

Focus on What You Want and Quit Complaining

Wayne Dyer said, “Did you ever notice that the people who always complain, seem to have more to complain about?”

This morning I watched Joel Osteen and heard a common theme among the various speakers, teachers and preachers I follow. Whether it’s a business mentor, a spiritual guru or minister of God, the message is the same.  Quit complaining, it’s not creating any good outcomes.

The Strangest Secret Earl NightingaleEarl Nightingale recorded “The Strangest Secret” over 50 years ago, so “The Secret” of 2006 really wasn’t a secret at all.  In a powerful message to the world, he states that the key to success is the same as the key to failure.  You become what you think about.  YOU are in control of where you are today, who you are and what you have….or don’t have.  He talks about focusing on WHAT you want, not what you don’t want.  He compares the mind to a seed that you plant.  There’s no judgment from the earth whether it’s the seed of a beautiful flower or a poisonous plant.  It will produce both good and bad plants equally in abundance.  The mind and the universe also have no judgment and will figure out how to produce more of what thoughts you continue to feed it, whether good or bad.  Therefore, focus on what it is you want to happen and ask yourself how to make it happen.  You will miraculously start to see the opportunities present themselves to you!

Jack Canfield, author of “The Success Principles”, discusses your “response ability”.  You the success principleshave a choice to focus on and talk about your current reality (complaining) or talk about and focus on what you want and where you want to be.  If you complain about it, you have the power to do something about it.  Again, start asking yourself different questions to stay focused: “What inspires you? What one thing did you learn today? What is one success you had today? What is one good deed you did today?  Your success that day may simply be that you showed up, and that’s OK.  Your best changes from day to day.  While attending one of Jack Canfield’s seminars at Unity Church recently, he said it well.  “What if Martin Luther King had said, I have a complaint!  instead of I have a dream!”?

joel osteenJoel Osteen, highly renowned minister of the Gospel, discussed Isaiah 62: 6 “Put God in remembrance of His promises, keep not silent. Give Him no rest until it comes to pass.”  Instead of complaining or whining to God, remind God of his promises.  Don’t beg and plea. Instead, remind Him,  “God, you said… I will make your name distinguished.” “God, you said… You would prosper me, even in a desert.”  Use evidence and present your case through scripture.  Stay persistent, don’t give up.  Like a child who asks for something and we promise it, they keep reminding us and asking when we will fulfill our obligation.  Do we not often give in and finally do what we said we would, not because we necessarily want to but because we want them to stop asking for it?  It’s the same message. When you’re continually reminding God of his promises, you are focusing on what you want instead of reminding Him (and yourself) why you can’t be successful.

Deepak Chopra, Tony Robinson, along with many others teach about how YOU create your circumstances by what you concentrate on.  Everything is energy.  Your thoughts are energy you send out into the universe.  Like attracts like.  If you send negative thoughts, you will  attract the negative things and circumstances you keep sending out.  If you start focusing on the result you WANT through thoughts, notes on your mirror, dream boards, conversations, meditation or prayer, you will start to see amazing opportunities come your way and you may not even know how!  You will be propelled to take ACTION toward your desire.  By talking about, thinking about, and writing about what you want, you will naturally get motivated to take action steps toward it.  This is how the Law of Attraction works.  I have been known to test this law several times throughout my life!

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